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That Is Not Mandatory Used As A Bridesmaid

Choose and determine who is to be bridesmaid is a bit confusing. Moreover, if you are the people that ga, much better. You're afraid there are parties offended if you don't make it as a bridesmaid. Parties below is usually always automatically be a bridesmaid by most brides. In fact, if you're less comfortable with them, you're not obliged to make them the companion you. Who are That Is Not Mandatory Used As A Bridesmaid :

That Is Not Mandatory Used As A Bridesmaid

1. Sister or Sister's Husband
Actually, when you make them as a bridesmaid, you have a chance to getting close with the husband's family. However, if you feel not comfortable to make the bridesmaid, need not be imposed. Anyway, based on the experience of many people, at the time of the day, the bride becomes more emotional and sensitive. It is certainly a little dangerous when it comes to conflict between you and the 
husband's brother the time of day.

2. Brother-in-law
 The wife of the older brother or the younger brother you're not obliged to be a bridesmaid you. Just let them enjoy the event more if they already have children. There they will be more bother to take care of his son rather than help you.

3. Old Friend
They ever made you a bridesmaid in her wedding day is not obligatory to return to being a bridesmaid in your wedding day. Can course as time goes by, you're no longer as close as the first. So no need to be forced to invite himself to be a bridesmaid. Don't-don't, if imposed situation became awkward.

4. Siblings
It looks like the siblings we are indeed the most ideal to be bridesmais. But don't force it if your brother is still too small or not old enough to assume responsibility as a bridesmaid.

In addition, for those brides to be who don't have female friends or closer with men, don't be afraid to make the male companions you as a companion to you. However, get ready for a fastidious and repetitive task of explaining them yes brides. Happy choosing brides!

Wearing High Heels on your Wedding Day

Wedding dress already ready to wear. Accessories and jewelry are already installed sweet. The face also has terpulas by the make-up that make brides to be look beautiful. Then what is lacking? Last, you live wearing the shoes to enhance your appearance. High heels is one kind of the shoes are still a favorite with brides to be at the day special. Indeed, high heels can reliably make a person look slimmer and legs look longer. In addition, for you who were small then high heels will make you look taller. However, wearing high heels for quite a long time often make brides to be be not comfortable, especially if you're not accustomed to. This is due to the heel becoming higher position than the toes. So make the muscles of the calf are interested to the above and causes strain on the shank the bottom as well as ankle. The risk of a twisted ankle or to fall also often experienced when using high heels. When it comes to heels, the ‘beauty is pain’.

Wearing High Heels on your Wedding Day

But the calm, we will give you tips for you who plan on Wearing High Heels on your Wedding Day, so that you remain comfortable until the event ends. Here's his review :

1. Make sure the Size Suit your Feet
Don't wear high heels that are oversized or too small, yes brides. In addition because it is not comfortable, your feet can also be blisters. The pain due to the blisters it would be very disturbing. Instead of enjoying, you are so not the focus so it is hoped that the event would soon be over. It's a pity, isn't it? So, choose the high heels that fits snugly with your feet. Don't hesitate to try it while walking before you decide to buy it.

2. Protect your Feet by Cushioning the Footwear
So the foot does not experience the blisters because it uses high heels all day, you can add a padding footwear. Look for the type of bearing are made from soft and absorb sweat so you still feel comfortable using it. So as not to feel awkward, you should practice walking using high heels which has been inserted bearing. Exercise will make you more “get to know” the shoes so that you're not awkward anymore in the day.

3. Stand Upright
Standing with upright posture will make the photos of your wedding be more perfect. A posture that is upright will also reduce the burden that typically rests in the legs. In addition to stand with a posture like this will also make you seem more confident!

4. Walk Slowly with Small Steps
Don't rush the time is running toward the altar. Take your time and walk slowly with small steps that perfect and steady. In addition will make you look elegant, you will have more chance to enjoy a serene atmosphere.

5. Relax
Don't do complicated things during the wedding events took place. Because you're wearing high heels, should really ask for help to the bridesmaid you. You need to know what limitations may be made for wearing high heels at the wedding event. After standing long enough, you also need to give a chance to your feet to rest.

6. Provide Flats
Do not forget to provide flats. After passing some important event and take a picture together, you should really release the high heels and replace them with flats. You so free to enjoy the event and mingle with guests.

How To Deal With Doubts Before Wedding

Wedding is identical with the long-awaited moment and happy. Unfortunately, the process of preparing the wedding can trigger stress so that the bride becomes more sensitive and easy to quarrel. Sometimes the quarrel before marriage can lead to doubts as to forwarding the wedding or even cancel it. If this doubt arises prior to the wedding plans, of course not be a big problem. But when all the vendors already paid for, invitations have been deployed, and the wedding is in sight then we become a doubt, certainly need to do something to deal with it!

How To Deal With Doubts Before Wedding

Anxiety reasonable be perceived when approaching a wedding is to release a single status and freedom as well as the success or failure of a wedding event. However, there are also doubts that arise because the quality of the relationship with a partner who is slowly starting to deteriorate so we feel that we are not interested anymore with a partner. When this happens we need to be careful. Then, how to overcome the doubts that come ? The following How To Deal With Doubts Before Wedding:

1. Write Down All The Doubts
Write down all the doubts can make Us more relief and have time to think of a way out calmly. When we write down the problem, we take the distance of our problem so that it is easy to find the most appropriate solution.

2. Talk with a Partner
We may hesitate to discuss the anxiety that is being felt ahead of the wedding to the couple, but remember that couples is a place to share for the rest of our lives. Therefore, we need to be open and honest even though the topic is relatively difficult, stress and doubt before the wedding, the anxiety of the future, financial problems, career and work, as well as the child. Discuss with your partner and obtain a positive response from her will be able to calm our doubts.

3. Ask for Advice from Parents
If we and your partner are already trying to discuss the doubts that are felt but not yet found the answers, you both can seek help from other people. Of course, we need to be clever to choose and carefully choose the person. We and the couple can discuss and ask advice from parents or relatives who've been long married and have happier marriages. The wisdom and experience they can provide enlightenment for the doubts that we have.

4. Meet with a Marriage Counselor
Doubts before the wedding can be minimized through counseling premarital. We're helped because of the feel not alone and can share your thoughts, doubts, and fears are felt. In addition, we will also be able to feel more prepared mentally and emotionally because the professional is able to be objective in providing alternative solutions and perspectives.

Do not be afraid of solving problems and doubts before getting married. Remember that before tying the pledge of allegiance, We still have a chance to think of what's best for yourself and your spouse. If it can not be resolved and indeed must postpone the wedding, it is much better compared to having to impose marriage. The shame and the money already spent is no greater price compared to the problems that will be encountered after the wedding – even can lead to dissatisfaction and divorce.

How To Choose Bridesmaids

Have a lot of friends indeed part of the fun because you're surrounded by people who love you and also attention. What's more ahead of your wedding, for sure people nearby never ceased to offer help and also give attention and support to the survival of your marriage. It can be good, but it could also be a problem for yourself. Yes, to determine who becomes the companion of the bride. Sense of confusion and fear of offending the feeling is definitely there, and sometimes like to make you can't choose at all. Well, so that you are freed from the problems that, let's look at in How To Choose Bridesmaids .

How To Choose Bridesmaids

1. Ask yourself, how long and seberkualitas what is friendship?
The duration of the friendship indeed be important, but the quality of the friendship you will also be aspects that should be considered. If you guys are friends since the school first but you guys only meet once a year even your best friend does not know much about your husband, how could he be your escort?

Choose companions who are long you know and also indeed the relationship of friendship quality. faithful ?
Just ask yourself, whether the person is a loyal friend or just come at a time when the quickness of course? Be a companion to the bride and groom not only shows who people terpercayamu, but people who are really closest inner and outer you and also really have a relationship a strong friendship with you.

3. Is he in every your sad?
When preparation the wedding, you will be exposed to fatigue, anger, boredom or even want to get out of the game. This is where the role of the companion of the bride needed. In addition to helping take care of the wedding preparations, he is also supposed to be a loyal person to be around you ahead of the wedding arrived and become the person terpercayamu to tell a story. When sad, upset and even wanted to split, he also shall be a people who remind you how your love to the couple and the problem of the preparation of the wedding is just the initial hurdle before the building of the household.

4. How close is he with your partner?
Not only be on your side, the companion of the bride also must be people who understand and close with your partner. Actually, a friend of yours is a friend of your partner also.

5. Does he have flexible time?
Friends closest to you may have recently given birth, or friends closest to you may be recently promoted to board position, or even just transferred to outside the city. Then what should you do? Remind yourself that the bridesmaids should be with you before the wedding. It will feel the weight of the people closest to you are not around or are busy with their own affairs ahead of the wedding therefore you don't need it to still be the main. Better, you consider again your friend number two than he is clearly not maybe you're forced to handalkan because they have other obligations in her life.

6. What you will be as close as this coming five years?
Your friend may come back into your life because it is happy to hear the good news that one of her friends would belong to someone. Maybe now kedekakatan you is only temporary, just ahead of the wedding. Maybe after this, he will return to life as before. Than have fun with your new, better you go back to your old you know the old outside and inside, good and bad, happy and sad that you know that you will continue along until many years into the future.

7. Is he the guy to understand?
Important legal to choose bridesmaids which can be understand on your own and also your taste so that he can help realize the wedding of your dreams, instead of causing confusion with the new options in accordance with his taste.

8. Do not choose just because you selected
Could be you be a maid of someone because you have become a good friend during this time, as well as a friend who is understanding. But, bersikapkan objective. If he applies the same? Whether he can ever understand you? Do you really establish a relationship of friendship quality? Don't until you select it only because the feeling is not good because you're chosen to be the companion of the bride.

Signs You are a Bridezilla

Preparing a wedding is indeed dizzying so there are a lot of prospective bride into a bridezilla! Well today we will discuss the 5 signs that signs you are a bridezilla!

Signs You are a Bridezilla

1. You spend your lunch time meeting with your vendors!
For you working, the lunch hour is a time where you can meet with vendors. But it doesn't mean you didn't eat lunch yes! I own never coming to a wedding party where the groom side in the aisle alone because the bride is the pain caused because of too tired when preparation the wedding while busy at work. Don't want to right the things that happen to you?

2. Your boyfriend is avoiding any wedding talks with you!
Share the problem of the preparation of the wedding with girlfriend is indeed reasonable. If however he already began to dodge every time you start talking about the issue of marriage, means he's had enough too much with this topic. Try doing fun activities with him on the sidelines of the preparation of your wedding. A little refreshing will not spoil the plans of your wedding anyway!

3. Frustration in the preparation of your own wedding!
In realizing a dream wedding sometimes not all the things you want can come true. This can make you feel sad. But don't get protracted yes. It's time you learn to compromise. Remember, you know, in the end what really matters is that you are going to marry the one you love!

4. You are going on a crash diet and exercising like crazy!
Surely all women want to look perfect on her wedding day. But remember, don't do the diet and excessive exercise! One of my friends never do an extreme diet where he is not consuming carbohydrates at all for the sake of look skinny on her wedding day. But what happened instead week before her wedding, she should go the ER because the stomach acid was increased. Instead of happy want to get married, even more stress because of illness and busy because they have to go back and forth to the HOSPITAL. You don't want this to happen to you, girls!

5. You keep talking about your wedding 24/7
Indeed planning a wedding is exciting! But don't get obsessed and talk about your wedding 24 hours and 7 days! First, kasian kan friend you have to listen to it. Definitely bored! The second, perhaps not everyone will be happy to hear it.

If one of the 5 signs of this happening with you? If yes, you should be trying to relax and not get too stressed. Because wedding preparation is something that is fun

Myths When Planning A Wedding

In planning a wedding a lot of myths that are trusted but not necessarily true. This time,  Wedding Organizer with give you guideline 8 myths when planning a wedding that should be avoided! Hope it helps !

Myths When Planning A Wedding

1. At least it takes 1 year to do the preparation for a wedding!
It's not necessarily true. Because if the bride has a mature concept since the beginning, the wedding can be prepared in less than 6 months. If the time for the preparation of your wedding is quite tight, it is advisable to use a Wedding Planner because after all they are the people who are more experienced.

2. Well if you want to get married will definitely be a bridezilla!
The term bridezilla is given to the bride that excessive panic in preparing for her wedding. But not all brides-to-be will be transformed into a bridezilla! In our opinion, the key is to always share and discuss the problems that arise with couples, families, or friends. In addition, you also have to trust some things to the people closest because they will definitely help. So, don't be so stressful girls!

3. If you want to realize your wedding dream me I should use the services of vendors which is expensive all !
Keep in mind that the vendor is not necessarily expensive. Therefore, you have to do a lot of research to find vendors that you can realize the wedding of your dreams. Instagram could be one source of the most effectual you in finding a vendor that is competent. Hihihi.

4. Wedding Day is most important day for me and my husband!
In accordance with the culture of the East that we have, marriage is not only belong to us and future husband. Wedding is an event that involves both sides of the family. So in order to create a harmonious atmosphere, there is no harm to listen and accept their advice. This is the challenge that must be readily accepted by the bride-to-be and Wedding Organizer you should be able to help to combine the ideas from various parties.

5. Bridesmaids are all friends in the gang when JUNIOR high, high SCHOOL and college!
Choosing bridesmaids is one of the things that is most confusing for the prospective bride and groom. A lot of grooms who eventually have the bridesmaids up to 40 or 50 people just because of the fear of feeling offend her friend or afraid of becoming the talk of people. In fact, if you only want your closest friends to be bridesmaids, go for it! The truth is not everyone is happy you receive a fabric that will he made uniform bridesmaids.

6. Wedding dress at the time of marriage must be white!
white wedding dress thebridedept
The wedding dress does not always have to be white-colored. You can choose dresses with your favorite color such as pink, soft yellow or ivory. But that all look more beautiful, we suggest you to also discuss with the designer dress of your bride and also the decorator of your show.

7. Wedding day, right travel is the last love of each couple, so the day should look perfect in the eyes of all the law!
The day of the wedding not everything so it should look perfect in every the eyes of the law. Each pair should change the mindset like that! The wedding day is a day of important and sacred for each pair and a second family party. But don't forget about life after marriage because that's what is important

8. Dont need to bother with the budget wedding! Right there will be money pocket to cover up all..
Great one! Wedding Budget & money angpao is not a single entity that can be used as a solution of marriage. Wedding budget should be adjusted to the financial ability of the bride and groom, because with the financial healthy then it can pay off wedding vendors on time i.e. before the day of H. Because there is no wedding vendor wants to get paid the balance when H+1.