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Before the Deal with Wedding Vendors

To find wedding vendors that fit is usually quite time-consuming for the partner. Starting from the lurking account-account Instagram, blogwalking, read a review in the forum, until finally an appointment to meet to ensure compatibility with the vendor. That's why some people argue that the process of choosing a vendor  and there needs to be chemistry. Well, if you're looking for wedding vendors and still undecided whether it is suitable or not, try to check in here. Whether the vendor has met the following requirements to meet the expectations of you?

Before the Deal with Wedding Vendors

1. The Conversation Disconnected
When you explain a concept that is desirable, whether he understand and provide input important for you? If yes, it means he's got one plus the value. Important, you know, the perception when talking about the concept. It is better if our tastes could be captured well by the vendor.

2. Open About His Services
Do any of you ask about the specifications of the products or services, can be answered satisfactorily? Do not be easily satisfied with the answers floating from the vendor. It could be because the vendor was not sure what he has or what he can. Make sure your questions can be answered satisfactorily and make you calm down turn over this important moment with her.

3. Easy To Be Contacted
When contacted via email, phone, or SMS, good vendors is to provide response quickly. We must also understand, anyway, if they are busy. So, don't be so impatient also. To email, one to two days may be tolerated. But if he's difficult on the phone especially if the phone number changes often, wow, you must be vigilant, brides. Don't want to, is it, in urgent circumstances, for example in the day, he is difficult to contact?

4. Portfolio Is Easily Searchable
Today, the portfolio of the most accessible looks like your account Instagram and website, yes? Well, the vendor with the social media accounts and website are always in-update periodically is certainly a value. We so know what course he had ever made and many of the references provided. For most brides-to-be, this is even so one of the things that shows that these vendors keep up the same trend-the latest trends, you know. If the vendor is not too active in social media or the website, at least she's quick response and provide its portfolio via email if requested.

5. Give The Chance A Trial
Agreed, right, that we should try it first services before using it? Vendors caterer should give the opportunity to test the food, so did the vendors makeup should give a test makeup. Try vendor makeup is usually no fee certain that you haven't deal. But, this is precisely very important because the results of the makeup in the photo we see are very probably already past the editing process here and there.

Then, how about the vendors of photography? See the sample albums he had ever made, note the quality of color print-an picture, as well as the quality of the paper or material of the album that he provided. 

Well, when vendors already give the opportunity a trial and you are satisfied with the result, that means he fit in with you.

1. Dominate Ideas
You tell the concept is desirable but the vendors even commented tilted even attempt to change it? Well, it could be a deduction of points. For example, when you want makeup that is flawless but the MUA even commented, “Don't be, whose name the wedding is usually also should be populated with dong.” Or, when you want to make the concept of pre-wedding photo which is casual while the vendors of the photograph insists on asking you the photo of stylish glamour.

If what he suggest much of a desire you, should not be forwarded. Anyway, cooperation with vendors like that is certainly not comfortable, right?

2. Didn't Have A Contract Obviously
Want to however, a letter contract or proof of payment it's important, you know. Some vendors like to postpone or buying him the making of a contract can actually be categorized he was less professional. This document is very important and you should save as proof. A contract that well also explain things such as how payment process, how policy if there is a cancellation, and what exactly be the responsibility of the vendor and the bride and groom.

Don't want to, right, there are things that changed from that agreed at the end of the wedding preparations?

3. Different Style
When they want to make the theme of the party pool, for example, will certainly be too risky when you deal with vendors that specialist is the traditional wedding. If there is a portfolio when he decorates the outdoor wedding and you're like, the heck, not a problem. If he has never been? This is too risky. Or, choose a wedding band specialists the orchestra to play the strains of acoustic songs at the outdoor wedding themed casual.

So also with vendor photos. The style of editing the photos from the photographer one and the other will be very different. And not all vendors can be forced to change the style according to your request, you know. So, it would be more secure if you choose a vendor that has style accordingly.

4. Receiving Too Many Orders
Ask how the event, which he received in one day. If these vendors receive up to five receptions in the morning time until lunch, you have to ask in more detail. If that vendor does have a lot of team and you are willing given the team anywhere, maybe it doesn't matter.

But if not, you should find out you are in order to how and think about accuracy of time.

5. His Words Change
In preparing the wedding, we need something for sure, isn't it? Price changes although only the Rp1000 per one shops, for example, could have an impact on the budget that has been prepared. Well, if you got the information that fickle about the price or specifications of the services, especially when that change comes from different people in one team, you better think again. Unless, he can give the letter of the contract is complete as to every detail of specifications, price, and terms if there is a change of the contract.

Tips Meet with wedding Vendors

Although today is the era of social media, it does not mean you do not have to meet the vendor wedding! For some brides, meeting with vendors create a little bit nervous because usually the communication is only done via Whatsapp, BBM, or LINE. Not rarely also, there are some times awkward situation that is difficult to be avoided at the time of this meeting. Therefore, today we will give you tips to meet vendors wedding for the first time. Let's be listened to.
Tips Meet with wedding Vendors

1. Knowing The Date Of The Wedding
When you've begun to see the vendors, then that means you've been steady for into marriage. Therefore, you should already have a wedding date is for sure that the vendors you meet will also provide certainty about the availability of them in the day that you want. Well, if you do not have an exact date, maybe you could give estimates of what month you will be married. This is because there are months crowded with the wedding party.

2. The estimated Budget for the Wedding
As a bride, we definitely have the dream vendor that we want to use on our wedding day. But sometimes the vendor desired is not entered in the budget. Therefore, we advise you to ask for the price list first before meeting. If the price is entered into the budget you, then you ask to meet with these vendors. When you already know the approximate price is, of course, the chat you guys will be increasingly disconnected.

3. Has The Concept Of Marriage
Usually you must already have a picture concept that you want when you meet some vendors, such as venue and decorations. If you want the concept of outdoor wedding, then you don't need to meet with vendors of the wedding hall. Have a clear concept can help vendors to estimate costs and also processing time.

4. Have Information about the Vendors
It's good that you have a little information about that vendor before meeting. Do a little research via Instagram or the website of that vendor. You can also read the reviews of the vendor of articles in The Bride Dept to find out more about the vendor. By knowing a little information, you will feel more familiar with them and the conversation will be more relaxed.

5. Come with a girlfriend or family
The first meeting with the vendors usually feels a little awkward if you come alone, then you should invite your boyfriend so he also knew the progress of the preparation of your wedding. If your boyfriend was unable to attend, then invite a parent or brother or your best friend.

6. Don't rush
Looking for a vendor partner with looking for a soul mate, then you should you should think carefully before doing a deal with these vendors. Sometimes indeed there is an uneasy feeling since had a meeting and wondered but just calm down, the brides, it was really reasonable. So don't rush yes.

Tips For Choosing Wedding Vendors

Choosing wedding vendors to be one of the difficult tasks in the wedding preparation. Anyone the bride and groom must say to agree to such a thing!! To be said choose the vendor will determine the success of the wedding day of your dreams later. Here we give simple Tips For Choosing Wedding Vendors of you the bride and groom:

Tips For Choosing Wedding Vendors

Advice from an Expert
In planning the wedding day later there will be a lot of “voice” that tells you what to do. But select the “voice” of an expert, an experienced person in taking care of the wedding day. Included in the selection of vendors.

Filter Recommendations
Many friends and relatives who advise you to choose a particular vendor? And they say the vendor of their choice it's great? This makes you more confused in determining the choice?

Well, in addition to listening to advice and recommendations from the experts, you can also choose the vendor of your friends or relatives who have taste and temperament the same as you.

Chatting with a Client the Previous Vendor
After you sort the list of vendors and still have to sort back to determine the right choice, then try this step! Yup, chatting with a client the previous vendor. Find out what the performance of these vendors start from A to Z. the Recommendations directly from the client vendor earlier this can help determine the right vendor.

First Impression!
How their reaction when meeting you? How fast is the reaction? And as to what they “sell” themselves? Please note the first impression when you meet with vendors. If you “fall in love” or connect to each other when you first met, then that vendor can be entered into the list of vendors of your choice.

Check the Portfolio and Testimonials
Now this is quite easy to find a portfolio and testimonials of the wedding vendors. The agenda and check the portfolio and testimonials is important to do tablets before deciding to meet with vendors of your choice.

Vendors who Know the Field Can be a Plus!
If the vendor options to know how the performance of the vendor of your choice, then that is a plus! For example, WO choice you turned out to know the ins and outs of the venue that you will select. They know how to juggle the venue be the location of the wedding of your dreams, and more. If you are still in doubt with its performance, then can ask the manager or staff of the other vendors that have worked with the vendor of your choice.

Select A Vendor According To Your Budget
How much budget that you already prepare for the wedding day? Make sure vendors know your budget and want to accept it. If the budget that you have is not sufficient, at least the vendor of choice will provide a solution that can help achieve the wedding day of your dreams. Don't be afraid to negotiate!

Note Team Player
Make sure you to work with vendors who can be invited to cooperate, willing to listen, give ideas, and be patient with the bride and groom. A Vendor that is professional not only gives ideas but also listens to his clients to help realize the wedding day of their dreams.

Do Not Be Afraid To Reject!
If you do not feel satisfied with the vendors that have been invited to meet on the first is not suitable, then do not be afraid to refuse. Tell us what the problem and then ask for solutions from them. If the solution they offer you can accept then go ahead, but on the contrary, if you do not find the meeting point then look for another vendor.

After you and the couple find a dream team of wedding vendors, then give them clear direction and let them do their job. Communication becomes the main key loh! I hope tips for choosing wedding vendors to help you in running the wedding preparation.

1. Schedule meetings with vendors-vendors that are in the top list of vendors of your choice.
2. Important to meet face-to-face with the vendors of your choice! If the vendor options you're outside the city then could use Skype or VideoCall.
3. Use professional clothes the same as when you were going to a meeting with a client and appreciate the time vendor. In a sense, to tell the vendors if you will be late to.

The mistake in Choosing the Color of Wedding Decoration

Color is one of the most crucial thing in the wedding decoration because it will be the red thread of the whole element. Therefore, it is important for you to give more attention in choosing the colors on the wedding decorations. Today, The Bride Dept will share information about 4 mistakes choosing the color of wedding decoration is usually done the bride and groom and how to handle it!

The mistake in Choosing the Color of Wedding Decoration

1. Choosing too many colors
Do not choose too much color to the wedding decor. If you choose more than 3 colors, wedding decorations you will seem very crowded and can instead look like a birthday party! If you've read the article how to make the concept of marriage, Fradhea from Airy Design suggest to choose a maximum of 3 colors as the main color of your wedding.

2. Combine all colors of light
This error occurs more often on the wedding tradisioanl because basically the traditional wedding more use of bright colors and got. But remember, you still have to have the colors basic help for about to tone down the color theme of your wedding as a whole. For example, if you're married to a Minang traditional, red color are obligatory but you can work with the colors basic, such as off white or champagne. In addition to not too got, this color can make your wedding look more elegant! We do not recommend that you choose other bright colors, like fuschia, because it can dazzle the eyes of the law so got his wedding to you!

3. Choose a pattern that does not fit
Well, if that is usually happening in the international wedding. Different with the traditional wedding, international wedding usually the bride and groom even more often to play the pattern. For example, last year a lot of brides who choose the pattern chevron. Choose a pattern this is indeed should be careful also, maximum use was only 2 patterns on the overall decor of your wedding. More than that, the decoration of your wedding will look dizzying. In addition, combine one pattern with small pattern large. The result will surely be more beautiful!

4. Do not think of the ambiance of the venue of the wedding itself
A lot of brides who actually already have a wishful thinking for the theme colors of the wedding when I didn't yet know will be done where the wedding itself. In fact, not all the venue was suitable with the color that you select.If you've never been to the venue, of course you know that in Balai Sudirman very dominant colors gold and red. So if you want a wedding with the color theme of blue, the results certainly will not be maximum unless the vendor dekor you issue the effort is to close the curtains high they are colored red. So actually it would be better if you see the venue of your wedding, you will determine the color theme that is suitable for there. But if you have no more budget and want to juggle all-out heck, why not?

Well, that's the 4 errors that commonly occur at the time of choosing the color of wedding decoration. Hope it helps you yes, brides!

Choosing A Wedding Date

Choosing a wedding date is not something easy! Of the 365 days in 1 year, we have to choose one day which will be a historic day. Well, how the hell is usually the way the bride prefers the date of the wedding? There are many all the way! There are choosing to follow the blackout dates and customs, there are also who choose to do it by closing the eyes and pointing the calendar hehe. But there are 4 things to consider when choosing a wedding date! What the hell are these considerations?

Choosing A Wedding Date

Make sure you have time enough preparations
Consider approximately you need to time how long to complete all the wedding preparations. If for example you want a wedding that is intimate, maybe 4-5 months is enough. But if your wedding is a large wedding in the ballroom that invite 1,000 people, 1 year is the ideal time. Don't let your wedding be messed up just because you chose a wedding date that is too close to the time of preparation.

Choose a time where you and your spouse is not too busy
If you work, you are usually sure you already know the period in which office work is busy-busy. For example, if you work in the field of sales, avoid choosing a wedding date at the end of the month when usually you're busy chasing sales target. Don't already nervous to face the wedding but have to keep busy here and there catching the target?

If you plan to hold a outdoor wedding, avoid the rainy season
Yes, if your wedding indoor in a ballroom or building, it is certainly not a problem. But if you want to have a wedding in the park or the beach, make sure you avoid the rainy season. In this case, in Indonesia's rainy season usually starting in September – February.

If you want to try to save your budget, avoid the wedding season
Usually vendors have special prices if you choose to hold the wedding in the months in which the marriage was deserted. Usually this month as the month of Ramadan or month depending on each culture.

Romantic Songs For Your Wedding

This time we'll collect the results of your answer and collect romantic songs wedding day! If you are preparing for a wedding, staying print this article and show Romantic songs for your Wedding! Simple right? If I hear one more song recommendations from you, don't hesitate to write in the comments below . A successful marriage required a sense of falling in love that is never extinguished, always with the same person. Romantic songs can help You to fall more in love with Your partner. Yes, the selection of the right song in the event the wedding will increasingly evoke the aura of romance in the series for the entire wedding. Do not until you either choose a wedding song that is not in accordance with the atmosphere of the wedding, because it actually can ruin the whole sacred ceremony that is very important in a marriage.

Romantic Songs For Your Wedding

1.  A Thousand Years
If you ever listen to that song became the sound track in The movie The Breaking Down Part 1, which is where the singer solo is Christina Perri. The phrase of each strophe contains the meaning of romanticism is very beautiful. what's more will fit if the song is played and accompanied a wedding.

2. Marry You
Did you know Bruno Mars? must have already been familiar because almost every output the song became a hit in certain countries. one of the songs the romance is Maryy You. With the default tunes that are a little more quick and keen to make his hearers will be cheerful and can be fun when played in the wedding party.

3. From This Moment
This song including lagu jadul output of the era of the 90's, but not seen from him but try to listen to the lyrics because it contains the meaning of romanticism while some said he gave a speech a pledge that the point is to always be with, loyal, hard, happy to worse will always be with the couple. Very special isn't it?

10 Lagu Barat Romantic For the Wedding, including the song LOVE sung by Nat King Cole. The Soundtrack this song is often played at wedding receptions because in addition to containing the meaning of romance also implies a message will be one of love towards your partner

5. Close to You
The song also has meaning to the romance even though the song is quite the legacy that is the beginning of the release in 1970. however, will still remain popular with generation – generation next because song of The band The Carpenters became one of the candidates of the best songs of all time.

6. When You Say Nothing At All
Some words from this song, which means “the desire to always be with, eye gaze sign of loyalty and a touch of the hand for mutual support partner” already represent will be the romance in a relationship and be describe to be faithful to a lover.

7. Because Of You
Western artists also popularized the song "Because Of You" in 2014. Where's the song with the lyrics that are romantic it became a hit in the state of the U.S. to Asia. Indeed, not infrequently some of the wedding party often play the song to go with it.

8.  Always
Surely you already know the famous artist Bon Jovi that is so famous with her songs. One of the top 10 Lagu Barat Romantic For a Wedding Event is Always. Where the strains of the song a little rocking but does not eliminate the meaning side of romanticism that certainly can you play to accompany the wedding events. .

9. My Heart Will Go On
The song is sung by Celine Dion artist from the west. The song tells about the love story, romantic and loyalty. So it is well suited to accompany a wedding ceremony or to dance with your partner.

10. I Do (Cherish You)
Songs from the golden voice 99 Degres it will hypnotize each guest your wedding invitations in a romantic mood and cheerfulness. Because the lyrics are telling me would be the willingness of someone to comfort and love wholeheartedly to the lover.

There are actually thousands and even hundreds of songs that are so popular in foreign countries. but a marriage will be deemed suitable, accompanied by the strains of the song that has the deepest meaning to describe the idiosyncrasy of the altar. Here this Romantic song For a Wedding Event which is able to imply the message to live with the couple forever. just check out the list – the list below

1. Sara Bareilles – I Choose You
2. Taylor Henderson – Borrow My Heart
3. Jamie Fox – Fly love
4. Donny Hathaway – The Things You Should
5. Adele – Love Song
6. Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle – a Whole New World
7. Lionel Richie – Endless Love
8. Il Divo – The Man You Love
9. James Blunt – High
10. The Cardigans – Carnival
11. John Legend – All of Me
12. Lauren Wood – Fallen
13. Shania Twain – From This Moment
14. Ed Sheeran – Kiss Me
15. Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi – I See The Light
16. The Script – Never Seen Anything Quite Like You
17. Al Green – Let's Stay Together
18. David Choi – By My Side
19. Christian Bautista – Since I Found You
20. Eric Benet – The Last Time
21. Westlife – Beautiful in White
22. Lea Salonga – I
23. Peabo Bryson – Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You
24. Jim Brickman – Destiny
25. Mocca – I Remember
26. Bryan Adams – I Finally Found Someone
27. Frank Sinatra – Fly Me to the Moon
28. Peter Cetera – Forever Tonight
29. Steven Curtis Chapman – I'll take care of you
30. Michael Jackson ft. Justin Timberlake – Love Never Felt So Good
31. Diana Ross – Endless Love
32. Maria Hines – My Love will Never Fail You
33. Brian McKnight – Marry Your Daughter
34. Barry Louis Polisar – All I Want is You
35. Muse – Can't Take my Eyes off Of You
36. Adam Sandler – Grow Old with You
37. Jeff Bernat – Be The One
38. Brian McKnight – Only One For Me
39. Michael Buble – haven't Met You Yet
40. Percy Sledge – When A Man Loves A Woman
41. Mariah Carey – Vision of Love