Games for Bridal Shower

A Bridal shower is indeed activity that is often done lately. In addition to the meal or swap stories, usually this event is filled with games that could add to the familiarity of the bride and groom and also bridesmaidsnya. Want to know what Games for Bridal Shower ? Let's see now!

Games for Bridal Shower

1. Guess Her Age
Core: Bridesmaids have to guess the age of the bride and groom based on a photo
Preparation: the Host will need to collect photos of the bride and groom from childhood to adulthood. Here the host should work with the family of the bride-to-be to get the photos.

How to Play: the Photo-the photo will be rotated to each participant and participants have to guess the age of the bride and groom when it. The winner is the person who answered correctly the most.

2. The Puzzle Messages
Core: build the puzzle together
Preparation: Before the host asked the bridesmaids to write down their messages to the bride-to-be on a thick paper that is already decorated sweet. Later the paper will be cut to resemble a puzzle game. Preferably the host also has prepared the frame so that the end result can be framed pretty.

How to Play: the Bride-to-be and bridesmaids compiling the pieces of the puzzle together.

3. Connect The Sentence
Core: Every people get the chance to make a love story between the bride-to-be and her partner sounds lebay

Preparation: Only ballpoint pens and paper
How to Play: first Person will write a sentence containing the name of the bride-to-be and her partner. The paper will rotate to all participants and each person must write down the sentence lebay that are still associated with the previous sentence. At the end of the game, bride-to-be should read the story in front of all his friends.

4. Two Truths and A Lie
Core : Participants have to guess which story is a lie
Preparation: –
How to Play: Each participant had to tell 3 stories about his experiences with the bride and groom. But 1 of 3 the story must be a lie. The winner will be who can detect a lie the most. Games is very fun to play because sometimes the stories that honestly could be more strange than the story of a lie!

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