Not Be Spoken To The Bride and Groom

And in the blink of an eye, the bride and groom happy is preoccupied with the preparation of this-that, starting from the select-select a souvenir to the meeting not already-I've the same vendor. But, so happy-happy the bride and groom, they are still ordinary human beings who are sensitive and easily snaps when stressed. Well, if your family, friends, or companions you are preparing for her wedding day, there are some things that should not you say to the bride and groom, especially if you get so sexy bother ngebantuin them.

Not Be Spoken To the Bride and groom

“Calm down. Don't panic.”
Although it sounds positive, this sentence turns out not a lot of help for calming the bride and groom are more skittish. You better tell him or her what to do to calm the storm inside her or his head, for example with invites ngeteh a moment, kidding, eating a fine dessert, and so on. This can make the bride relax and restore focus.

“The price that much?! Worth it really so?”
This sentence is very, very abstinence pronounced to the bride and groom. For the matter of the budget, the bride and groom already know so how to allocate it. Don't forget, the bride and groom only will be ignored this question to the people who contribute in the affairs of the budget of their wedding. So, if we don't financially contribute that much on their wedding, we better stay quiet.

“Finished yet? Let's go Home !”
This often happens when you have to accompany the bride and groom shopping-shopping for the engagement or wedding. Consciously or not, this phrase can make the bride and groom rush and bete. Rather than keep asking ‘have yet? Home let's have afternoon banget nih’, you should help the bride and groom made a decision, for example, by asking whether the design of the invitation is already matching with the color theme of the wedding? Whether the menu options in Japanese cuisine that is selected will be in accordance with the tastes of the guests who were generally native to Indonesia?

“No one understand anyway.”
Oh, no! Said this just to make the bride and groom upset. The wedding just happens once in a lifetime. So, it is natural that every bride will so figure super detail and a perfectionist for the sake of the perfect wedding. Better, though, you also follow check out other details so that no one missed. This will help the bride and groom A LOT!

“It's up anyway, I dont really care also....”
Sentence this one could make the bride and groom super sweet so the wrath of the. Well hell, you still expressed your opinion when the bride asked about the opinion of you. If you don't know much about the topic in question, you can acknowledge the ignorance of you with a good way and being open to discussion, yes.

“I think that that's not important.”
The sentence this one is also you need to avoid when asked for an opinion by the bride and groom. Because, it could be, the items she choose for the wedding day is the important thing for him. So, rather than straight forward say item X is not important, could you ask first what are the benefits of the goods, and whether its function can be replaced other items.

“Tomorrow at work”
As the bride and groom, schedule of activities they are usually solid. So, when we asked for help, well hell we adjust to their schedule. Avoid push-undur help them yes because this will only make them panic and stress because of the abundance to-do list that has not been resolved.

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