Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Over the past year, I am often organizing events bridal shower your closest friends. Understandably, the age I was indeed already entered the age of marriage. To be honest a lot of decision-making in an event, the bridal shower, ranging from restaurant/cafe to dresscode of the bride and the bridesmaids. But one thing that is most confusing is the gift, the bridal shower itself because we like the confusion about what is required by the bride-to-be. Well therefore, I try to share list of Bridal Shower Gift Ideas that I ever give to my closest friends yes!

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

1. Lingerie
It should be recognized that lingerie is one gift bridal shower the most popular. There are some lingerie to model “extreme” so as to make the bride-to-be shudder. But there is also a lingerie model with a quite “polite”. Well that my advice anyway, you should give a gift that will be used, so it will feel the benefits.

2. Precious Metals (Gold)
Some time ago, my friends and I held a surprise bridal shower for our friend. To be honest we are very confused in selecting a gift that is given and one of us proposes to give the precious metal to the bride-to-be. Indeed the price of precious metals is a little more expensive but it is a good investment. So, why not?

3. Cookware
This gift suitable for your friend which instantly occupy the new house after marriage. By providing cookware, who knows a friend you will be more diligent to cook and be creative in the kitchen. Well, for specifics, you can check here!

4. Book Cooking Recipes
If your friend already has a fully equipped kitchen with all crockery. You can give a recipe book to cook you know. If you think the value is too small, you can give several cookbooks that focus of different foods, such as dessert recipe, Italian food recipe, or Indonesian Food Recipe

5. Spa Voucher
Wedding preparation is a laborious process. It is not uncommon that the bride and groom forget to take care of himself, whereas he should perform excellent on a big day it was. You and other friends can venture to buy a spa voucher so that the bride can relax before her wedding day.

6. Supplies Eat
This gift is also suitable for new couple who again fill the house. You can gift tableware consists of plates, glasses, spoons, forks, and other. Don't forget to give a gift that has elements favorite color your friend yes! In addition to cute, it would definitely be useful.

7. Coffee Maker
If the gift is indeed a bit tricky because there would be no point if your friend and her partner are not fond with the coffee. So find out in depth yes, brides!

8. Cute Pillows with the Initial Name
Usually gift this pillow you can adjust to the personality of your friend. If your friend is someone who is feminine, you can choose the color theme of pastel. But if your friends tend to be cool, black and white color is the right choice. Do not forget to include the initial name of your friend and her partner to make it look very personalized.

That's how the idea of the gift bridal shower that you can give to your friend. If you have additional, directly in the comment below!

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