Wearing High Heels on your Wedding Day

Wedding dress already ready to wear. Accessories and jewelry are already installed sweet. The face also has terpulas by the make-up that make brides to be look beautiful. Then what is lacking? Last, you live wearing the shoes to enhance your appearance. High heels is one kind of the shoes are still a favorite with brides to be at the day special. Indeed, high heels can reliably make a person look slimmer and legs look longer. In addition, for you who were small then high heels will make you look taller. However, wearing high heels for quite a long time often make brides to be be not comfortable, especially if you're not accustomed to. This is due to the heel becoming higher position than the toes. So make the muscles of the calf are interested to the above and causes strain on the shank the bottom as well as ankle. The risk of a twisted ankle or to fall also often experienced when using high heels. When it comes to heels, the ‘beauty is pain’.

Wearing High Heels on your Wedding Day

But the calm, we will give you tips for you who plan on Wearing High Heels on your Wedding Day, so that you remain comfortable until the event ends. Here's his review :

1. Make sure the Size Suit your Feet
Don't wear high heels that are oversized or too small, yes brides. In addition because it is not comfortable, your feet can also be blisters. The pain due to the blisters it would be very disturbing. Instead of enjoying, you are so not the focus so it is hoped that the event would soon be over. It's a pity, isn't it? So, choose the high heels that fits snugly with your feet. Don't hesitate to try it while walking before you decide to buy it.

2. Protect your Feet by Cushioning the Footwear
So the foot does not experience the blisters because it uses high heels all day, you can add a padding footwear. Look for the type of bearing are made from soft and absorb sweat so you still feel comfortable using it. So as not to feel awkward, you should practice walking using high heels which has been inserted bearing. Exercise will make you more “get to know” the shoes so that you're not awkward anymore in the day.

3. Stand Upright
Standing with upright posture will make the photos of your wedding be more perfect. A posture that is upright will also reduce the burden that typically rests in the legs. In addition to stand with a posture like this will also make you seem more confident!

4. Walk Slowly with Small Steps
Don't rush the time is running toward the altar. Take your time and walk slowly with small steps that perfect and steady. In addition will make you look elegant, you will have more chance to enjoy a serene atmosphere.

5. Relax
Don't do complicated things during the wedding events took place. Because you're wearing high heels, should really ask for help to the bridesmaid you. You need to know what limitations may be made for wearing high heels at the wedding event. After standing long enough, you also need to give a chance to your feet to rest.

6. Provide Flats
Do not forget to provide flats. After passing some important event and take a picture together, you should really release the high heels and replace them with flats. You so free to enjoy the event and mingle with guests.

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